Selling Your Annuity
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Selling Your Annuity

Selling Your Annuity

Cash For Annuity Payments
Selling your annuity payments can be tricky. We will help you get the most cash in as little time as possible. Guaranteed.

You may have been receiving an annuity for an extended period due to different reasons. Whether it is because of you were named the beneficiary of a deceased person, or you purchased the annuity yourself, you have options. You may also have received it if you were a victim in a personal injury case. If you might be feeling like you aren’t making the most of your annuity and you want an option of cashing out for a lump sum right now, we can help connect you with the best companies. You see, you don’t want just to hire anyone, you want a company that has the experience. Normally, if you turn to the internet and search for companies that buy annuities, you might get connected with companies that have a “scam” label and not realize it. The decision should not be taken lightly.

Selling Your Annuity

The question we are asked the most is which are the most trusted annuity buyers? These are also known as buyout companies. Reading reviews online, which often are forged, or created by the corporation itself to earn your business, can be tricky. The best annuity companies are difficult to find. Our personal recommendation is DRB Capital.

How To Sell Your Annuity Payments
Setting up an annuity is meant to be an investment to help you plan for the future. Sometimes, however, the vision that you had does not play out as planned, leaving you in a tight spot where extra cash is hard to come by, even with your periodic annuity payments. When you decide to sell your future annuity payments to J.G. Wentworth for a lump sum, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the cash you’re looking for when you need it most.

Thanks to our extensive experience, the process of selling your annuity payments is straightforward and relatively fast. Here, we walk you through your options for selling your payments and the process itself.

Annuity Sale Options
When considering selling your annuity payments, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. In most cases, there are three different routes that we can take.

Selling a Portion of Your Payments
When you sell a portion of the future annuity payments that you’ve been guaranteed, it will be in one of two ways:

Selling Your Annuity

Sell Some of Your Payments
This involves selling all payments during an agreed-upon amount of time. Once the period in which you’ve sold your payments has passed, you will continue receiving your annuity payments.
Sell a Portion of Each Payment
You can also elect to sell a part of each payment that you receive, so J.G. Wentworth will receive the designated amount from your payments each time you are scheduled to receive one, and you will continue to collect the rest.
Sell All of Your Payments

Selling all your annuity payments would yield the largest lump sum of cash. In this scenario, we will purchase all your remaining payments. You will receive your lump sum of cash in a one-time payment, and we will collect the scheduled annuity payments that you would have received over time.

Selling Your Annuity

What You Should Know – Top Questions Answered

“I want to sell my annuity for a lump sum, but I don’t know the process?”
As we outlined above, the process is simple, but you want to get a professional to help guide you through as there are areas which can get complicated.

Selling Your Annuity

Get all the paperwork associated with your annuity payments together before you contact anyone about selling your payments.
If you don’t have your paperwork, you can get an expert to help pull your information from the national database of structured settlements and annuities.
Do your research carefully on who to hire to represent you to find a right buyer for your annuity payments. We wholeheartedly recommend DRB Capital as they guarantee to give you the best cash offer with the absolute lowest fees in the market.
Once you hire a rep and they get you an offer, you want to evaluate it, accept it by signing it and then returning the signed offer to the rep.
Annuities are often a structured settlement, and by law, a judge has to approve the sale to ensure it is in your best interests, and you aren’t going to use the money for a purpose that will not benefit you and your family. For example, if you wanted the money to gamble with the judge is probably not going to approve of the sale of your payments.
Once the judge approves the sale of your payments the paperwork is transferred to the new owner, so they will begin to receive your annuity payments.

Selling Your Annuity
3-5 business days later your money will arrive in the form of a wire transfer or by certified check.
Cashing in annuities is not a small task, nor one you should take on yourself. If you are looking to sell your annuity payments, you are probably in debt. Did you know that that average household carries $129,579 in debt? That level of debt constitutes at least $19,000 of interest per year. Think about that, paying $19k a year on interest on the unsecured debt. Factor in the interest you are paying on your home mortgage, and it can get downright frightening how much of your disposable income is going to just interest.

Can selling your annuity payments get you out of debt? Possibly, but consider the following tips to make the right decision not just for right now, but your long-term financial plan. Is your annuity payout weekly, monthly or annually?

Don’t Rush Things. Your biggest mistake is to rush into a decision whether to sell or not to sell your annuity payments without taking the proper time to weigh your options. Along with the debt number we listed above, did you know that one-in-five Americans are in debt hardship? If you are in the same boat, if you don’t take your time through this process you could make a bad situation even worse.
Shop Around For The Best Deal. How do you know if the offer you get is the best one? Are they offering you a guarantee? What are the fees involved with the transaction? Are they upfront with all fees and costs associated with the transaction? List all the pros and cons so that you can make the right decision.

Selling Your Annuity
Get a Professional On Your Side. Selling an annuity isn’t an easy task, it can be confusing, overwhelming and downright stressful. There are some companies which charge what is called a “surrender fee” and that can be 10% of your annuity payments. A professional can uncover these hidden fees and consult you for the best offer to take that will give you the most actual cash. Avoid getting surprised by having a professional on your side through the process.
Avoid Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket. Annuities are often a key to many people’s current financial income, and you don’t have to sell your entire annuity payments. You can just sell a portion if you wish. So think about it carefully before making a decision to take the measure of selling annuities for a lump sum cash out payment. Your annuity payments might be your current lifeline for your family, so make your decision carefully.

Selling Your Annuity
Sleep On It. This advice has been around since the dawn of time and it vital when it comes to deciding to “annuity cash out” your settlement.

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