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Best Ad-blockers 2018

Best Ad Blocker

Much of what slows down your web browsing experience is tracking and adverts. So there’s plenty of motivation to use a web browser that blocks ads automatically or to install a browser extension that does the same job.AdBlock

Websites often look a lot cleaner when stripped of their ads, making it easier to read without those annoying pop-ups. Pages can also load noticeably faster and, as a bonus on mobile devices, your data plan can go further as the ads themselves aren’t downloaded.

On the flip side, advertising exists to support all the free content that everyone expects to find on their favorite websites – including this one – and blocking them denies the creators of that content the revenue that allows them to produce it in the first place.Best Ad Blocker

1. AdBlock

Easily confused with AdBlock Plus, AdBlock is a different developer and isn’t strictly free. When you install the extension on Firefox, Chrome or Safari, it displays a message asking for donations, with the minimum being £5.

You don’t have to pay for it since you can simply close the tab but it’s a good idea to support the developers if you like AdBlock since it also happens to be one of the best ad-blockers around.

It blocks all ads on the web, including on Facebook, YouTube, and other social sites. There’s even an option to remove the warning messages which pop up on some sites that you’re using an adblocker.

You can create an exceptions list so you can still use sites which are otherwise unusable with everything blocked, such as some online banks. And so you can support your favorite YouTube channels, there’s a whitelist specifically for adding these.

You can also allow what AdBlock calls Acceptable Ads – similar to those ‘non-intrusive’ ads in AdBlock Plus.

We found AdBlock worked best in Firefox, but less so in Chrome.

2. Ad Muncher Best Ad Blocker

Ad Muncher is a comprehensive Google adblocker software that will let you browse the web safely without facing any trouble in between. The tool is freely available, though you can make a wilful donation on its website. It supports almost every popular web browser out there like Opera, Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, etc.

Just download the software, configure it, and let it function in the background. It has an inbuilt filter mechanism that will certainly save your time and resources a lot. Not just for personal use, it can also be used by various firms to save their bandwidth. It can also prevent your system from getting unwanted malware.

best ad blocker

3. UBlock Origin

best ad blocker for chrome ublockorigin
Entirely free and open source, UBlock Origin is another popular ad blocking extension for Google Chrome because it does a great job at blocking the ads without taxing your system in the process. With more than 10 million users as of 2017, it remains one of the most well-used ad blockers out there today.Best Ad Blocker

Utilizing similar block lists to AdBlock Plus, UBlock offers comparable blocking capabilities but by leveraging surveying what style resources are required for individual web pages, it is able to be more efficient in its operation. It has also been noted for its specific ability to counter pesky pop-under adverts which have become more common as more browsers come with their own pop-up blockers.

Users can also leverage UBlock’s own filters for ads, badware, and privacy concerns, as well as their own custom created filters. Individual sites can be whitelisted by hitting the big power-button inside the tool itself, and there are detailed stat breakdowns to let you know how effective a tool it has been since installation.Best Ad Blocker

4. ScriptSafe

No ad blocker is 100 percent effective. Sometimes those little videos buried somewhere in a tab you’ve forgotten about sneak through and sometimes a script runs in the background without you even knowing. One of the most effective ways to stop them in their tracks is to use ScriptSafe. Although it’s not quite as effective as the likes of NoScript on Firefox, ScriptSafe does an excellent job of blocking most Java, JavaScript, and other scripts that run automatically on websites you visit.Best Ad Blocker

Do take note, however, that it can be a little heavy-handed and block content you legitimately wanted to view. Fortunately, there are customization options and manual commands for running them as and when you like.Best Ad Blocker

5. 1Blocker

After protecting your desktop or laptop, it is time to make sure that your smartphones won’t get exposed to the unwanted content. There is only one thing worse than getting all those unwanted ads on a big screen and that is being bombarded with unwanted content on the small screen of your phone. With 1Blocker, you can ensure that your phone screen won’t display any irrelevant content.Best Ad Blocker

The app is currently available for iOS and Mac (Safari 10). It is considered as one of the most powerful ad blockers out there and will let you customize it without any trouble. You can additionally track scripts and save your battery life by blocking the desired content. Earlier it was a paid app, but as of now, the app can be downloaded for free with an added premium support for unlimited blocking.Best Ad Blocker

Firefox Focus

You can install any one of the many ad-blocking extensions on the desktop version of Firefox (which also has some built-in blocking of its own), but Mozilla has created a dedicated mobile browser for Android and iOS called Focus.

This is focused on privacy which means that, by default, it works like the private browsing mode on other browsers. But unlike many of those ‘incognito’ modes which aren’t truly private, Focus doesn’t save your history, cookies or allow sites to track you.

It also – in case you were wondering – blocks ads. This makes content is easier to read on a smaller screen and it saves on your data plan as ads aren’t downloaded.

It’s a stripped down experience with no tabs or other clutter, so it should appeal to those who like to keep things simple.

Where sites don’t load correctly because cookies and other trackers are blocked, it’s possible to allow them and log in or otherwise use the site.

The browser lets you selectively block different things, including social trackers, analytics, and other content.Best Ad Blocker

Best Ad Blocker

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