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WHAT IS Lisk Coin
Lisk Coin is a decentralized network. Lisk uses a simplified implementation of algorithm called Delegated Proof of Stake. Lisk cryptocurrency token is called LSK. It is a public blockchain platform that provides decentralized blockchain .. To send LSK from one account to another takes only 10 seconds. It is fully decentralized and without the hassle of complicated consensus protocols the transactions can be done.

History Of Lisk Coin
Lisk Coin was started as a fork of Crypti. It began with an ICO to decide the initial distribution and to raise development funds. The ICO raised 14,000 BTC and, at the time, was the second most successful cryptocurrency crowdfund. On May 24, 2016, the main net for Lisk went live and it became available for trading on major exchanges.Quickly after trading started, Lisk briefly became the second most popular cryptocurrency traded against Bitcoin.

Features of Lisk Coin
Lisk Coin has some unique characteristics that could make it an important player in the cryptocurrency market.

Modular Cryptocurrency:
Lisk Coin is the first modular cryptocurrency.Modularity is a design using this different applications can interact with the main blockchain through sidechains. Modularization helps in overcoming scalability problems inherently to all blockchain networks with a design.
Delegated proof of work:
The algorithm used by Lisk Coin is Delegated proof of work. it accelerates transaction processing. Lisk transactions get confirmed within 1-2 minutes.
Developer friendly Javascript Framework:
Lisk is built on a developer-friendly Javascript framework which makes it easier for developers to build apps for the Lisk Coin ecosystem. Lisk SDK provides easy to use tools for developers to build any kind of apps like messenger, games, shopping applications, storage applications any use case you can think of similar to ethereum.
Decentralized Application:
Lisk also provides a directory of apps available on the Lisk Coin platform. It easy to access as it is decentralized store for blockchain apps to exist and distribute.
The biggest sidechain platform:
Developers can build applications on side chain away from all the clutter on the main chain. One can choose to use the same token as the main chain or use a new token custom token on the sidechain.

Current Acceptence of Lisk Coin in the World.
The future LSK depends on the success on the adoption of its technology by developers, programmers, and start-ups. Lisk Coin is a digital currency that can be used to buy and sell goods and services. People adopt the cryptocurrency as a means of payment. putting a small amount of money into LSK could potentially turn out to be a very lucrative investment. On 16th November 2017, Lisk Coin hit a 1 Billion Dollar market cap and was the top 15 cryptocurrencies in the world and its wide spreading . LSK as an investment perform well in the long run as the Lisk network becomes a leading blockchain technology for start-ups.

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